About Us

About Us

Chermik Group Inc. has been based in the Edmonton area since 1993. It is the parent company of subsidiaries performing complementary services to offer a total turn-key solution to its client base.

We are best known in the industry for our ability to offer turn-key and tailor-made solutions to fulfill just about any need, budget, or time constraint. We have a continuing history of providing timely and cost effective solutions for all the projects we have worked on. As a member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA), having certificate of recognition (COR) status, our clients are confident in our ability to complete a project safely.

Quality is of the utmost importance to the Chermik Group.  We have developed a corporate culture of accountability and honesty when executing projects. This culture translates into completed projects that meet or exceed our clients’ quality expectations, and projects that are on time and within budget constraints. The Chermik Group is backed by a sound and sustainable fiscal policy with a focus on long term goals that will allow us to continue to offer our clients varied services for years to come.  We are able to provide performance bonding for large scale projects with our strategic partners.

Our corporate structure is flexible, which allows us to quickly adapt to any changing requirements from a client, as well as create custom tailored solutions to solve complex problems that may arise. As a learning organization, we are proponents of continuous learning and add to our collective skill set on a regular basis by undergoing training programs and other educational initiatives. Because of the technical nature of our industry, we invest heavily in capital goods and equipment required to execute jobs. A large portion of our equipment is state of the art which translates into further cost savings for our clients with less downtime.

Over the years we have developed key relationships and strategic alliances with other firms resulting in our current ability to deliver design build solutions to a broad customer base. Our company has become well known in the region for the value-added solutions which we provide to all of the projects we are awarded. We believe that our experience speaks for itself.

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