Defining new standards of quality and connection.

Substation PDS

Reliable and Running: Upgrade without a Single Stop

The Traction Power Substation and Power Distribution System (PDS) Upgrade project through the City of Edmonton was required to replace the existing equipment and cabling. The reasons for the upgrade were two-fold. The equipment and cabling were nearing end of life after being in service for forty years.

Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage

Making the Connection: Innovating through Powered Fibre Optics

The City of Edmonton required a closed-circuit television (CCTV) integration and backbone fibre connectivity within a new bus maintenance facility – the Kathleen Andrews Transit Garage. The solution required greater consistency and quality for camera maintenance, connection, and monitoring ability.

Blatchford Community Development

Designing for Sustainability: A Case for Micro Fibre Optic Technology

The City of Edmonton required support to bring a fibre network to the new Blatchford community. Specifically, the fibre was required to support the District Energy Centre (Energy Centre One), while offering expansion opportunities for future community support of City-run buildings and services.

Milwoods Transit Centre

Quality Meets Value: Where Road Meets Rail

The Millwoods Transit Center project in the City of Edmonton was required in order to replace the existing transit centre in order to continue services to Millwoods Town Centre and the Edmonton Public Library. The objective was to offer a closer connection to the Valley Line LRT stop, as well as modernize the facility and the service.