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Blatchford Community Development

Designing for Sustainability: A Case for Micro Fibre Optic Technology

Chermik Technical Services Expert: Steven Juhasz, Field Manager – Fibre Optic Services
Client Company:  City of Edmonton, Integrated Technology Solutions
Project: City of Edmonton Blatchford Community Development



The City of Edmonton required support to bring a fibre network to the new Blatchford community. Specifically, the fibre was required to support the District Energy Centre (Energy Centre One), while offering expansion opportunities for future community support of City-run buildings and services. Faced with connectivity issues due to poor service access, the solution required flexible, cost-considerate expansion opportunities that demonstrated an understanding of the City’s IT and fibre requirements.



Connectivity is always a challenge, particularly within a new community. For this reason, Chermik was initially engaged by the City of Edmonton planners at the concept stage. Of value were our insights into underground communication utility design concepts. Through an RFP process, Chermik was further engaged for full project engagement and execution due to:

  • Demonstration of qualifications for fibre design and deployment, including knowledge of backbone and access/distribution of fibre optic cables.
  • Ability to easily help execute the scope of work due to extensive knowledge of the City’s IT and fibre requirements.
  • Honesty in solutions, including when items were not required, ensuring project scope and operating costs were met while offering future expansion flexibility.
  • Our previous history of proven, high-quality solutions through collaborative work, along with quick, transparent action to address and solve problems as they arise.


Known for taking on a calculated risk, the Energy Centre was no exception. Chermik’s innovation paid off by providing:

  • Opportunities for future expansion previously unavailable with conventional solutions. This was a result of an innovative micro fibre optic solution.
  • Long term cost savings with a future-focused solution for micro duct and micro fibre optic additions.
  • Improved security of the facility through atmospheric monitoring and general site security, along with monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems that were supported by the fibre solutions.
  • Ultimate control of Energy One Center by the City, while providing the freedom and flexibility to modify and expand in the future with limited impact to existing structure and cost.

Key Project Stats

Cable vaults in the run: 12

Micro fibre length: 2350m

Days to install cable: 1

Fibre butt splices: 0

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