Kevin Kuziw has one primary purpose with Chermik. This is to show the value of being safety conscious so everyone can go home at the end of the day. This means creating an engaging environment and team culture that has safety designed directly into all projects, roles, and individual actions.

Starting with Chermik in 2012, Kevin was quickly drawn into the complexity and intrapersonal aspects of running a business. Within his current role as Safety & HR Manager, Kevin dedicated himself to obtaining his National Construction Safety OfficerTM (NCSOTM) Status, which he achieved in 2020. In addition to this, Kevin is a peer safety auditor, active in the peer auditing process to provide objective guidance for safety standards across the construction industry.

He continually furthers his education to ensure the best interests of each project are top of mind. This means listening to the vision of a client’s long-term goals to understand how the right safety solution – both onsite physical and psychological safety requirements – creates more impact and saves money in the long run.

Everything Kevin focuses on is ultimately risk mitigation. Mitigating risk surrounding people’s safety. Risk surrounding project documentation, processes, and maintenance. Risk from multiple viewpoints and perspectives for an all-encompassing safety-focused and successful project.

Through this, Kevin ensures that Chermik doesn’t merely comply with safety standards. He works with our people and our clients to collaborate under one vision to create a unified team committed to safely executing a vision.

Of course, the driving force behind wanting to ensure people go home safely at the end of the day is Kevin’s own family. He is a proud husband and father and values going home to them each night. This is what he wants for all involved with Chermik. When he’s at home – after family time – he’ll be found listening to music, researching and reading on a myriad of topics, and tinkering around on old hot rod engines.